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Medical treatments in Ikar Centrum

Medical treatments

Price list of treatments

Apart from hotel services, our advantage is the health centre with a modern spa in Kołobrzeg. We offer treatments in the scope of electrotherapy, magnetic field treatment, phototherapy, thermotherapy, hydrotherapy and cryotherapy. Qualified and experienced therapists will help you rejuvenate, reduce discomfort as well as restore the energy for daily activities and duties.

Treatment Price
Underwater massage 20 zł
Hydromassage 20 zł
Hydromassage with salt 23 zł
Pearl bath 20 zł
Carbonic acid bath 19 zł
Brine bath 16 zł
Mud bath 40 zł
Bath with emulsion peat 16 zł
Whirlpool-Massage of upper limbs 12 zł
Whirlpool-Massage of legs 15 zł
Scottish whip 15 zł
Mud packs 20 zł
Parafango packs 20 zł
Interference currents 15 zł
Tens currents 15 zł
Galvanization 13 zł
Ionophoresis drug 16 zł
Ultrasounds 12 zł
Phonophoresis 14 zł
Magnetronik 20 zł
Laser therapy 15 zł
Viofor - magnetic mat 10 zł
Sollux lamp 10 zł
Bio-V lamp 8 zł
Brine saline 11 zł
Aerodyn (one hand) 15 zł
Cryotherapy 17 zł
Gymnastics in the pool 10 zł
Hot chocolate massage - total 190 zł
Coconut massage - total 190 zł
Herbal Stamp Massage - total 165 zł
Herbal Stamp Massage - total 60 zł
Massage with Chinese bubbles 75 zł
Massage with a candle 170 zł
Relaxing massage with green tea balm 180 zł
Hot stone massage - total 165 zł
Hot stone massage - partial 45 zł
Abhyanga - massage with warm oils 200 zł
Fruit peel - whole body 150 zł
Oriental massage with shea butter 170 zł
Classic massage - total 120 zł
Classical massage - partial 25 zł
Classic massage of the spine 30 zł
Classic massage of the spine with warming cream 35 zł
Slimming massage - anti-cellulite (abdomen, thighs, buttocks) 60 zł
Anti-cellulite massage + peeling (abdomen, thighs, buttocks) 85 zł
Lymphatic drainage - total 120 zł
Lymphatic drainage - partial 25 zł
Acupressure of feet 50 zł
Aquavibron 20 zł
Konhowanie uszu 65 zł
Ear candling 45 zł
Swimming pool, sauna, jacuzzi 15 zł
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