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Safe Solutions

For the sake of comfort and rest of the Ikar Plaza guests, we have introduced safety rules that will allow for full regeneration and a safe stay. Our team makes every effort to ensure that the facility functions in accordance with the current guidelines of institutions responsible for health protection, and we also encourage our guests to comply with the rules. Let’s take care of each other!


  1. Only guests, employees and suppliers are allowed to enter the property.
  2. After entering the premises, employees and suppliers are required to wash and then disinfect their hands.
  3. Guests, employees and suppliers are required to wear face masks or visors.
  4. All public areas are regularly disinfected by a dedicated employee.
  5. We regularly replace, clean and disinfect filters in fans and air conditioners.


  1. We provide the opportunity to purchase protective masks at the main reception.
  2. We encourage guests to regularly wash and disinfect their hands in accordance with the instructions available on the premises.
  3. We encourage guests to maintain safe distances in direct contacts.
  4. Liquids for hand disinfection are available in the general spaces.
  5. In case of any disturbing symptoms suggesting coronavirus infection, the Guest is obliged to report the fact of using the facility by phone (reception desk, telephone number 100 / 500 or nurses' office, telephone number 123).



  1. Only one Guest may stay at one reception desk.
  2. We disinfect the reception counter after each guest.
  3. At the reception there is a liquid for disinfecting hands, we encourage guests to disinfect their hands before filling out the registration card.
  4. We encourage guests to make non-cash payments.
  5. Payment terminals are secured with foil and disinfected after each use.


  1. Routine cleaning of the rooms is only at the request of the guest. Requests for cleaning the room should be made at the main reception, telephone number 100 / 500 the day before 14:00.
  2. Room service is carried out in personal protective equipment (mask or visor, disposable gloves).
  3. During cleaning, all countertops, door handles, telephone, TV remote control and other items used by guests are disinfected.
  4. After checking out the Guest and before accepting the next one, the hotel room will be ventilated and disinfected using appropriate means.


  1. Dispensers with disinfectant liquid are available before entering the dining room, guests are required to disinfect their hands.
  2. All employees are equipped with personal protection equipment.
  3. A safe distance is maintained between the tables.
  4. Tables, chairs and tableware are each time disinfected before using the next Guest.
  5. Buffets and all countertops are regularly disinfected.
  6. Buffet dishes are served by the service. Coffee, tea and other drinks are served at the tables.
  7. Kitchen backroom employees are required to wear personal protective equipment.
  8. Dispensers with disinfectant fluid are available in the back room and employees are required to regularly wash and disinfect their hands and work stations.


  1. Before entering the Wellness & Spa and other recreational areas, dispensers with disinfecting liquid are available and guests are asked to disinfect their hands.
  2. Restrictions on the number of people using recreational zones, including the swimming pool, sauna area and fitness center, have been introduced.
  3. All surfaces, countertops, cosmetics, equipment and treatment rooms are regularly disinfected.
  4. Employees are required to wear personal protective equipment.